Faculty and Speakers


  • Cosimo Durante

  • Laszlo Hegedűs

  • Endre V. Nagy

  • Enrico Papini

  • Gilles Russ

  • Tamas Solymosi




Professional materials on

The following lectures or manuals were prepared by our excellent colleagues. I am really thanksful for their contribution:

  • Prerecorded lecture on Epidemiology of thyroid diseases by Endre V. Nagy.

  • Prerecorded lecture on Physics of ultrasound by Eva Csajbok.

  • Manual on Elastography by Zoltan Palotas.

The other learning material on the web was created and edited by Tamas Solymosi.

Regarding case studies, the clinical, ultrasound and cytological examinations were performed by T. Solymosi. More than 95% of surgical procedures and histopathological analysis were performed either in Bugat Hospital, Gyöngyös, Hungary or in National Institute of Oncology, Budapest, Hungary. Images of gross pathological specimens are courtesy of either dr. Erika Toth (Head of Department of Surgical and Molecular Pathology, National Institute of Oncology, Budapest, Hungary) or dr. Gyula Lukacs-Toth (former Head of Department of Pathology, Bugat Hospital, Gyöngyös, Hungary).