Differentiation of intranodular echogenic figures


This time we focus on the intranodular echogenic figures, i.e., how to differentiate microcalcifications from other figures.

The webinar starts at 6 p.m. CET on November 16, 2023. A 30-minute lecture will take place which includes many images and videos.

Thereafter a joint discussion of six cases will take places. These cases will be uploaded under 'Cases to be discussed' by November 1. We ask the participants to watch these studies in advance and reply to the related Survey by November 14.

For those who have less experience in thyroid ultrasound, I suggest some educational materials:


The recorderd version of the live event can be viewed here:

Introduction from the start till 10:22

Viewpoints of differentiation from 10:22 till 41:48

Echogenic figures in Hashimoto's thyroiditis from 41:48 till 1:56:57

Punctate echogenic foci in macrocalcification: integral part of coarse calcification or coexistent microcalcifications? - from 1:56:57