Pre- and postoperative ultrasound in thyroid cancers


In the first two seminars we discussed the new ETA guideline and the role of the suspicious characteristics in the diagnostics of thyroid nodules. It means that we essentially focused on the diagnosis of papillary cancer because the suspicious ultrasound feautures and therefore the TIRADS are developed for the recognition of papillary cancer. This time we mostly deal with ultrasound presentation of other thyroid cancers. The other theme will be the role of ultrasound in the follow-up of thyroid malignancies.

Two 20-minute lectures will take place on this event from 6 p.m. CET on January 18, 2024.

After the lectures the participants have the opportunity to ask the speakers.

Thereafter a joint discussion of four cases will take places. These cases will be uploaded under 'Cases to be discussed' by January 1. We ask the participants to watch these studies in advance and reply the related Survey by January 17.


The recorderd version of the live event can be viewed here:

Lecture on Ultrasound presentation and diagnostics of non-papillary thyroid cancers by Giorgio Grani from the start till 34:50

Lecture on The role of ultrasound in post-operative management of thyroid cancer by Camille Buffet from 34:50 till 1:08:40

Discussion of four Case studies from 1:10:33 till 1:55:45

Discussion of the results of the Survey - from 1:55:45