We cordially invite you to the PAPILLON COURSE on Thyroid Ultrasound which starts on September 15, 2024, and finishes on May 31, 2025. This online course is run for the third time and is endorsed by the European Thyroid Association. More than 200 students from 4 continents completed the previous Papillon Courses and more than 500 colleagues participated in the Papillon Seminars in 2023-2024.


Please choose from the options below. The most useful is the combination of the online and in-person trainings.

1. Online full Papillon Course - running from September 15, 2024 to 31 May, 2025

Essence of the Course

  • Presenting a full curriculum on thyroid ultrasound and related topics (including the thyroid, parathyroid, neck lymph nodes and discussion of differential diagnostic issues).
  • Requires a significant time investment from the participants, approximately 6 to 10 hours weekly depending on the level of their pre-course knowledge.

2. Individual webinars of the online full Papillon Course

Essence of this opportunity

  • 22 live webinars are announced which are all included in the Advanced Course. You may attend one or more of these for a fee if you do not participate in the full online Papillon Course.
    • Joint analysis of ultrasound videos. In these 10, 90-minute events, a short summary of the topic is followed by common discussion of ultrasound videos of 6 to 15 cases.
    • Lectures. In 23 lectures at 12 occasions renowned international experts of the topic will hold a 30-minute presentation which is followed by a 15-minute discussion.
  • The recorded version of the webinars will be available till May 31, 2025. This provides the opportunity either to review the event or to view the webinar for those who could not attend the event at the given time.

Who is the opportunity for?

  • On the one hand, this is for colleagues who are only interested in one or another topic and do not want to register/pay for the full course.
  • Colleagues who have attended previous courses may also be interested in the opportunity.
  • Please note that Certificate of Attendance and/or Course Grade is only issued to full Papillon Course participants (see under 1 above).

3. 2-day in-person training

Essence of the Course

  • During this 14-hour meeting live-patient supervised examinations will be performed and we will analyze ultrasound videos.
  • The number of participants is limited to 30 on first come first served basis.

Who is the in-person training for?

  • We accept applications from colleagues who either participate in the 2024-2025 online Papillon Course or completed one of the previous two online Papillon Courses.
  • Experienced ultrasonographers may also benefit from the participation.

Please be aware that this Course requires that you spend significant time with directed but individually performed learning. All learning materials will be available to Course participants. Please check menu to the left. These items will help you to select the type of learning you are interested in. But first, it is definitely worth watching the 8-minute video above which gives an overview of the courses.