Section 5 Ultrasound-guided maneuvres

Part 2 Ethanol sclerotherapy

Case studies

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Cystic nodules  
Case 1107  
Case 146  
Case 1525  
Case 1670  
Case 1309  
Case 187  
Non-toxic solid nodules  
Case 569  
Case 1798  
Case 1366  
Case 245  
Autonomously functioning adenomas  
Case 293  
Case 1591  
Case 701  
Parathyroid lesions  
Case 1690  
Case 1434  
Case 1778  
Other, special cases  
Case 1053 Treatment of a papillary carcinoma
Case 1088 Treatment of a recurrent nodule
Case 251 Treatment of a gelatinous cyst
Case 322 Treatment of a mixed nodule in a pregnant patient