Section 6 Advanced courses

A common feature of the topics discussed here is that they pose a greater than average challenge in diagnosis. The ectopic thyroid gland belongs to this circle due to its rarity and separation from the lymph node metastasis, the significantly enlarged thyroid gland is much more difficult to judge.
Two topics that often occur in everyday practice and often cause serious headaches are also discussed here. The common challenge in the discrete lesions of the operated thyroid and autoimmune thyroid diseases is that they are often very difficult or impossible to separate from the real nodule.

In chapter Integration, we try to give some clue, how to go further after we finished with the evaluation process. Except when surgery is required on cytology or a nodule causing hyperthyroidism requires definitive treatment, we need to think about what to do. This chapter tries to help you with this.

Around 80% of thyroid cancers belong to the papillary subtype. The dominance of papillary cancer can distort our view of all thyroid cancers. In chapter Thyroid cancers, we present more than 80 non-papillary thyroid cancers to give a true picture of thyroid cancers.