Consecutively operated patients - lesion 104 (videorecord)

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Clinical presentation. A 36-year-old woman was referred for evaluation of nodular goiter known for 3 years. On evaluation of progressive difficulties in swallowing, palsy of the left recurrent nerve and a nodular goiter was discovered. Aspiration cytology resulted in benign colloid goiter. On further examinations a viral infection was suspected as a cause for the complaints of the patient. Three months after the beginning of dysphagia, the complaints of the patient have resolved including recurrent nerve palsy. One year later a hypothyroidism has developed which has been treated with levothyroxine. The patient was sent to follow-up examination of the thyroid nodule.

Palpation: firm, enlarged thyroid. The presence of nodule was equivocal.

Laboratory test: TSH 0.47 mIU/L on daily 100 microgram levothyroxine.

Lesion in question:

the nodule in the dorsal part of the right lobe. Compared with the previous examiantion the thyroid became hypoechogenic while the lesion in question did not increase in size.