There will be two types of Webinars presented.

Type 1 Webinar

  • Essence: These live events are related to the material on the core. In the weeks before the webinar, it is worth reviewing the learning material on the website related to that topic. The backbone is the common discussion of case studies related to the actual topic in order to clarify the presentation and interpretation of various ultrasound characteristics or patterns. We specifically encourage students to ask if something is unclear, if they disagree with something.

  • Structure: Short summary of the topic (15 min) and discussion of 6 case studies which were made accessible to the Course Participants in advance (60 min). The edited version of the discussion will be presented on the web for the subsequent 4 weeks for those who could not participate at the conference. These events will be mentored by T.Solymosi.

Type 2 Webinar

  • Essence: In these live events presentations by renowned experts on the subject can be listened to. Most topics include case studies that are worth reviewing in advance.

  • Structure: A 90-minute event split into 2 blocks. Each block is consisted of a 30-min live presentation followed by a 15-min discussion. The recorded presentations will be available on the web for the 4 subsequent weeks (pending speaker approval). Names marked in black who accepted the invitation. With red, whose response we are still waiting for.

You can access the schedule from the menu item on the left.

On the 2nd day of each month, we send a newsletter to registered students. In this we draw attention to the events of the next 5 weeks (webinars, current Case of the month). The newsletter includes a link to enter the webinar. The first newsletter will be sent on October 2, 2021.