Basic Course

Chapter 5 The borders of the nodule


The importance of nodule' borders is highlighted by the fact that irregular margins is encountered among suspicious features in all classification systems.
The essence of this topic is to learn how to classify different types of nodule' borders and to realize how a regular border and how an irregular border looks like.
It's recommended to be aware, that although the irregular borders and the shape of the nodule and the extrathyroidal spread are discussed in three separate subchapters, these three are related topics because all rely on the infiltrative nature of thyroid carcinomas, particularly the papillary subtype.

This chapter is composed of the usual parts. It is advised follow the order of the parts.

  1. Introduction provides a summary of the topic in the form of prerecorded lecture.

  2. In Videolecture, 17 HD ultrasound videos are presented with voice-narration.

  3. Item Cases, includes 24 case studies highlighting the different kinds of nodule' borders. These also include HD ultrasound videos.

  4. Under section Quiz, 5 short case studies with HD ultrasound videos and questionnaire are presented. Responses are welcome till November 10, 2022.

  5. We organize a Webinar on November 3, 2022. In this live event, 7 cases of two topics, the Nodule' borders and Nodule' shape will be discussed together with the students. The cases to be discussed can be and are recommended to view in advance.

To study of the items, requires approximately 4 to 8 hours independent learning.