44th Annual Meeting of the European Thyroid Association

Precourse activity

Here we present 10, prerecorded online lectures. To view these presentations is a condition for the September 10 personal course to be of real benefit.

These lectures serve as introduction to thyroid ultrasound. We discuss basic features and patterns and give a summary of the ultrasound of nodular and non-nodular thyroid diseases, the parathyroid and neck lymph nodes. A lecture on thyroid aspiration cytology is also presented.

The list of prerecorded lectures are as follows. Please, click on the >>> item to view the actual lecture.


Normal head and neck ultrasound anatomy (15 min)

Discuss the anatomy of the neck and identify the important landmarks - Rose Ngu >>>

Sonographic assessment of thyroid nodules (60-90 min)

Sub-module A (30-45 min):

Identify and measure thyroid nodules - Steen J Bonnema >>>

Recognize ultrasound characteristics of benign and malignant nodules that have predictive value in deciding treatment - Enrico Papini >>>

Sub-module B (30-45 min):

EU-TIRADS - Gilles Russ >>>

Discuss the current guidelines for biopsy of nodules - Cosimo Durante >>>

Ultrasound of diffuse thyroid disorders/goiter (30 min)

Ultrasound patterns seen in autoimmune thyroiditis, including pseudo-nodules - Tamás Solymosi >>>

Sonographic assessment of cervical lymph nodes (30 min)

Recognize ultrasound characteristics of benign and malignant lymph nodes (30 min) - Camille Buffet >>>

Sonographic assessment of parathyroid adenomas (30 min)

The parathyroids - anatomical variations in the location, ultrasound appearance - Andrea Frasoldati >>>

Fine needle aspiration biopsy (60 min)

Sub-module A (30 min)

Discuss the variety of techniques of performing the procedure - Tamás Solymosi >>>

Sub-module B (30 min)

Classification systems - Fernando Schmitt >>>

Clinical cases (30 min)

Presented by Patrick Pétrossians >>>