from the algorithm to the individual diagnosis

The essence of the site

The purpose of is the diagnostics and differential diagnostics of thyroid diseases, mainly the nodular goiter. We require only two tools to a complete diagnosis in most patients besides blood tests, these are ultrasound and cytology. The essence of these tests and therefore our diagnostic skills is the analysis of those images.

We have more than 600 case studies as the basis of the homepage. We present more than 10,000 high resolution images of thyroid ultrasound and cytology, and present 450 video recordings of ultrasound and ultrasound-guided interventions. This is the largest public database in the field of thyroidology to the best of our knowledge. We extend this database with several new cases each month.

Essential parts of this collection are the course book and increasing number of lectures, videos and voice over presentations. exists for more than a decade now. Corresponding to the numerous reflections from colleagues, thyrosite is able to serve the graduate and the postgraduate training of colleagues. Several colleagues use this site with their everyday ultrasound and cytological differential diagnostic problems.

I have another goal with this site. We talk about the importance of the teamwork very often. I am the author of Thyrosite and one of the very few or even the only thyroidologist who is a clinician, a cytopathologist and an ultrasound expert. Therefore, teamwork is not only a slogan but the focus of my medical practice. The homepage tries to demonstrate the power of a team approach. I think that this approach is much more than a one-way sequence of diagnostic tests. An example: we palpate the neck of a patient; if we find a nodule, the next step is ultrasound which is frequently followed by aspiration cytology. A cytopathologist even with the best skills gives an equivocal diagnosis in around one-fourth to one-third of cases. As an aftermath of this process which corresponds to current algorithm, histopathology discloses benign lesions in 30 to 60% of patients with a positive cytology. I try to demonstrate another way of thinking in the section of the New Approach which might result in less unnecessary surgeries.

What's new in thyrosite?

Last year thyrosite became responsive, it can be accessed from mobiles and tablets. We created the section of New Approach which focuses on the real teamwork and demonstrates how we can reach better results by the systematic use of cumulative effect of ultrasound and cytopathology in the differential diagnostic of difficult-to-resolve cases, and we prepared several lectures, as well.

If you find thyrosite useful, it is worth visiting the website regularly as we extend the database with new cases, lectures each month and section Pittfalls is also a continuously growing section of the site.

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