Basic Course


Must read

Technical conditions

  • The images and videos presented in the course are high-definition ones. Their quality almost reaches the real-time level when viewed on an appropriate screen or monitor!

    The use of mobile phone or tablets is inappropriate for the learning course!

    The arrangement of images in the index case of clinical studies has relevance. This arrangement cannot be seen on cell phones or tablets.

    With the monitor set up properly, it may be important to watch them in a relatively dark room.

  • For better understanding, playback of introductory video presentations and ultrasound videos can be stopped at any time, and the video can be rewound or enlarged or if necessary can be reviewed.

Professional considerations

Lack of biological standard and also of exact definitions

In most ultrasound characteristics we lack a biological standard to which the feature can be compared. In such situation, a consensual interpretation would have a fundamental role. This consensus could be based on uniform and as exact as possible definitions. Unfortunately, a definition of such quality is not given in most cases by the guidelines.

It follows that the interpretation of the author of an ultrasound atlas is necessarily subjective and debatable.