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A quick tour of thyrosite - section CASE HISTORIES

This continuously growing section contains now 565 case studies settled according to the various thyroid diseases from de Quervain's thyroiditis to secondary thyroid carcinomas. There are sections sentenced to the parathyroid, to neck lymph nodes, to ethanol sclerotherapy. The whole section contains more than 5,000 ultrasound and cytological images and more than 400 videorecords.

Most cases involve beside the description of clinical findings and laboratory test, 5 to 15 ultrasound images, 5-15 cytological pictures. Around 60% of case studies contain one or more videos of ultrasound investigation.

The images are presented in small size in the main page. By clicking on the small images you can see the image in larger size with a brief description. In the event of cytological images even the full size can be reached by using the MAXIMIZE button or by clicking on the picture.

Six case studies are presented in the quick tour. You can return to this page from the main page of each cases by clicking on QUICK TOUR located in the upper row.