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February 2021 - case 2

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Clinical presentation: A 55-year-old woman was referred for follow-up investigation. The patient was first diagnosed having hypothyroidism and nodular goiter five years ago. Aspiration cytology resulted in Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Her lesion in the left lobe increased in size, therefore a repeat FNA was suggested.

Palpation: Both lobes were firm. No nodule could be palpated.

Hormonal investigation: euthyroidism on daily 75 microgram levothyroxine (TSH 1.72 mIU/L).

Additional data. The dimensions of the lesion in the LEFT lobe were 15x13x20 mm, width, depth and length, repectively.

Additional help. For reading the summary of the suggestions of the EU-TIRADS click here.


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