Training and courses

Ultrasound diagnostic of thyroid diseases

Introduction to thyroid ultrasound

  1. Anatomy, identification of the thyroid, technical details - power point presentation
  2. The thyroid as a whole - video
  3. Nodular goiter - power point presentation
  4. Non-thyroidal elements - power point presentation

Advanced lectures

  1. Differential diagnostic of intranodular hyperechogenic granules (25 tables)
  2. Differential diagnostic of hypoechogenic lesions - de Quervain's thyroiditis versus papillary carcinoma (22 tables)
  3. Differential diagnostic of hypoechogenic lesions - thyroiditis versus nodules in a pathological sense (23 tables)
  4. Differential diagnostic of hyperechogenic lesions in Hashimoto's thyroiditis (7 tables)
  5. The judgement of the basic echostructure of the thyroid (15 tables)
  6. Differential diagnostic of cystic lesions (1+27 tables)
  7. Macroscopic pathology - comparison with ultrasound images (18 tables)