Section 3 Non-nodular thyroid diseases

This section is under construction.

Although the ultrasound has a major role in the diagnostic of nodular goiter, we also need to be aware of the ultrasound presentation of non-nodular lesions. One of the most important problems of the whole thyroidology also arises here: most thyroid diseases can also present as focal echo abnormalities. One of the most serious challenges in ultrasound diagnostics is deciding which lesion is a true nodule. We only touch on this problem here, we dedicate a separate chapter to it in the Advanced course section.

The section consists of three parts, we discuss the role of ultrasound in the two main autoimmune thyroid diseases, in Graves' disease and in Hashimoto's thyroiditis. The third topic is the ultrasonography of subacute, de Quervain's thyroiditis. In each section, we give a brief summary of the actual disese for the sake of non-endocrinologist colleagues.

Here we discuss a special and very often issue, the differential diagnostic of hyperthyroid states and the role of ultrasound in this field. This affects all three conditions and is presented at the end of the Manual of Graves' disease.

16. Lymphocytic thyroiditis

17. Graves' disease

18. Subacute, grqanulomatous thyroiditis