Type 1 Webinars 1

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Type 2 Webinars 2

Topic and speakers

Introductory courses

   1 Course arrangement and teaching goals

October 7
   2 The normal thyroid - how to find the thyroid gland and how it looks like in a healthy individual  
October 14
   3 Epidemiology of thyroid diseases by E.V. Nagy
     4 Technical details and background physics of ultrasound examination by E. Csajbok

The nodular goiter

    6 The composition of a thyroid nodule ; cystic and solid nodules
November 4
    7 Echogenicity of the nodule  
    8 Intranodular hyperechogenic figures
November 18
    9 The borders of the nodule
December 2
  10 The shape of the nodule  
  11 Extrathyroidal spread
January 6
  12 The halo sign and the vascularization of the nodule  
January 13
  13 The European TIRADS by G. Russ
    14 TIRADS - Benefits and concerns by C. Durante

Non-nodular thyroid diseases

  15 Lymphocytic thyroiditis
February 3
  16 Graves' disease  
  17 Subacute granulomatous thyroiditis  

Non-thyroidal elements in the anterior neck region

February 23
  18 The parathyroid by A. Frasoldati
    19 Lymph nodes in the neck by K. Molnar
February 24
  20 The neck compartments and their importance by L. Leenhardt
    21 Other structures in the neck by R. Ngu

Ultrasound-guided maneuvers

March 10
 23 Thermal ablation techniques for thyroid lesions by E. Papini
   24 The role of non-surgical techniques in the treatment of nodular goiter by S. Bonnema

Advanced courses

  25 Ectopic thyroid
March 24
  26 Difficult-to-examine patients and substernal spread  
  27 The operated thyroid (benign histopathology)  
  28 The relation between discrete lesions and pathological nodules
April 14
  29 Teamwork  


April 19
  31 Ultrasound follow-up of patient operated on thyroid cancer by M.F. Erdogan
    32 Alternative imaging techniques (CT, MR, PET-CT, nuclear) by E. Mezosi
April 21
  38 When and how should molecular diagnostics be integrated in the malignancy risk stratification of thyroid nodules? by R. Paschke
    33 The aspect of the surgeon by F. Menegaux
May 5
  34 Fine-needle aspiration cytology of the thyroid by F.Schmitt
    35 The Bethesda system by Ph.Vielh
May 12
  36 The technique of core biopsy by G.Russ
      37 Thyroid pathology by E. Toth
May 19
  40 A personal half century tour down US memory lane. From ignorance to implementation and abuse? by L. Hegedűs
May 19
  + A final lecture focusing on practical issues by T. Solymosi


1 Type 1 Webinar structure: Short summary of the topic (15 min) and discussion of 6 case studies which were made accessible to the Course Participants in advance (60 min). The edited version of the discussion will be presented on the web for the subsequent 4 weeks for those who could not participate at the conference. These events will be mentored by T.Solymosi.

2 Type 2 Webinar structure: A 90-minute event split into 2 blocks. Each block is consisted of a 30-min live presentation followed by a 15-min discussion. The recorded presentations will be available on the web for the 4 subsequent weeks (pending speaker approval). Names marked in black who accepted the invitation. With red, whose response we are still waiting for.