An online course is announced for colleagues (Group A) who has no or only minimal experience with performing thyroid ultrasound and for those (Group B1) who already has enough experience with thyroid ultrasound but wish to deepen their knowledge and (Group B2) for clinicians who do not want to make the investigation but regularly use and interpret thyroid ultrasound in their daily practice.


The learning material for all three types of attendants is the same and covers the entire thyroid ultrasound diagnostics and related topics. The curriculum is based on lectures available online, written summaries, differential diagnostic tables, case studies with thousands of images and first of all, more than 800 HD-recorded, voice-over ultrasound videos and another thousand of videos for self-practice. 20-hour webinar by renowned experts from well-known speakers, joint online case discussions are the other pillars of the postgraduate course.
For Group A colleagues, we organize a personal training at the end of the course where 10-hour ultrasound examination of live patients will be performed by the attendants. This event also functions as an exam.

The course requires a significant investment of 180 and 80 hours of time from participants, Group A and Group B, respectively. Much of this involves self-learning of thyroid material on the web based on a planned curriculum.

Those interested are encouraged to view the detailed syllabus of the course and the sample chapters available on the web.

The course runs from 1 October 2021 to 31 May 2022.

Application deadline is 20 September, 2021.

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