October 7, 2021 Type 1 Webinar on course arrangement and finding of the thyroid on ultrasound


This first Type 1 Webinar is linked to the Section Introduction. The event gives an opportunity to discuss the framework of the course. We emphasize the role of some technical and organizational issues.

It is worth viewing the corresponding parts on the web and read the instructions (4 buttons in the left).


The other part of the Webinar starts with a short summary of the Video lecture. For the full version click here. This is important for those attendants who have no experience with the performance of thyroid ultrasound. By viewing the video, they will be able to orientate themselves in an ultrasound video which is the prerequisite of handling the learning material presented in the Course.

This event gives an opportunity to underline the importance of video recordings. This is crucial both for the purpose of education and quality control.


Here we present the video record of the webinar: