Type 2 Webinar

May 19, 2022, from 6 p.m.


Lecture to be presented:

I sincerely apologize but we had to change the program. We will use this time to discuss a new topic, in the form of a game combined with a quiz, hopefully professionally useful. I ask for the help of colleagues for all this.

6 p.m. The significance of the first impression in thyroid ultrasound. Joint analysis of histologically verified cases.

by Tamas Solymosi (Hungary)

I invite you to a game this last time. Hopefully, you feel like adding it.

Pre-event activity (till May 18)

  • I would ask future participants of the webinar to dedicate 45 minutes to a really quick analysis of 15 cases till the day before the webinar. The cases to be analyzed can be reached from here.

On the live event

  • More than 99% of all surgically treated thyroid nodules fall into three different pathological entities, into benign hyperplastic nodule, follicular tumor or papillary cancer. The ultrasound presentation of these three thyroid pathologies will be discussed in the form of joint analysis of cases.