Case histories

Other edifying cases

Case 1 An intact thyroid
Case 2 Surface irregularity making a healthy thyroid nodular on palpation
Case 3 How (not) to perform thyroid ultrasonography... A patient with papillary carcinoma.
Case 4 Muscle fiber mimicking a lobe in Hashimoto's thyroiditis
Case 5 Muscle fiber mimicking a thyroid nodule
Case 6 Muscle fiber mimicking a recurrent papillary cancer
Case 7 Identifying vessels in unusual location within the thyroid 
Case 8 Identification of the eosopagus in operated thyroid  
Case 9 Parathyroid adenoma 
Case 10 Granulation around surgical thread 
Case 11 An epidermoid cyst mimicking a thyroid nodule
Case 12 A large hypoechogenic area in Hashimoto's thyroiditis mimicking a nodule 
Case 13 Moderate degree of substernal spread
Case 14 Different degrees of substernal spread
Case 15 A patient with nodular goiter and agenesia of the left lobe
Case 16 Papillary cancer and Hashimoto's thyroiditis in a lateral aberrant thyroid
Case 17 A patient with a multinodular goiter and an aberrant thyroid tissue
Case 18 Oxyphilic adenoma in an ectopic thyroid
Case 19 A patient with a lateral aberrant, ectopic thyroid tissue
Case 20 Aberrant thyroid tissue in an operated patient
Case 21 Pseudonodular form of Hashimoto's thyroiditis 
Case 22 A traumatic thyroid cyst 
Case 23 A patient presenting stricture of the carotid artery