Benign hyperplastic nodules


Sonography of thyroid nodules

Tables 1-2 Type of thyroid nodules according echogenicity

Table 3 Cystic nodules

Table 4 Intranodular hyperechogenic figures

Tables 5-6 Sonography of autonomously functioning nodules

Table 7 The borders of the nodule

Tables 8-9 Vascular patterns

Table 10

The significance of halo sign and perinodular blood flow

Cytological diagnosis

Table 1 Characteristic cytological properties of hyperplastic nodules

Table 2
Hyperplastic papillary structures

Table 3
Differential diagnostics of papillary structures

Table 4 Intranuclear inclusions and holes

Table 5 Intranuclear grooves

Table 6

Oxyphilic metaplasia
Table 7
Follicular proliferation

Table 8

Nuclear enlargement and pleomorphism


Table 1

Follicular proliferation: tumor or not tumor?
Table 2

Follicular proliferation: tumor or not tumor?
Table 3

Diagnosing an autonomously functioning adenoma without scintigraphy...